So Much to Do, So Little Time

This is a “Where do I even start?” post. I want to write, but as the title implies, there’s not enough time in the day to accomplish everything I need to do!

For starters, I was on hiatus (AKA vacation) for RTX 2016, a gaming and web culture convention in Austin, TX. RTX deserves its own blog post, which is part of the growing queue of posts.

Tonight, I will be trooping at Hot Harley Nights, a wonderful event for the Make-A-Wish Foundation that is close to many of our 501st members. And yes, I really should be spending the afternoon making repairs to Rey’s staff and getting ready so I can be prepared to leave in a few hours. And of course, a post about this unique form of giving back to the community is in the works.

I’m also eyeing two positions within a single company, endlessly debating about which position should I apply for – the leadership opportunity where I lack the work experience necessary, or another position where I may have a better chance but has internal network preference. With all I should do today, I hate the idea of waiting a day to send in a job application; on the other hand, I can ask peers for their opinions tonight.

AS IF THAT’S NOT ENOUGH, I’m on antibiotics that make me drowsy. Yippee. However, as time management is my friend, I have plans! Rey does need attention (especially since I want to get submission photos taken this evening), and I can take care of applications in the evening. Should I need a nap before trooping, taking it easy would be best for my own health and help decrease anxiety. Best of all, having drafted ideas of what I hope to blog about is a huge leap above writer’s block!

So what will you see soon? First up will be some comments on Marvel shaking up the Iron Man comic title. The gender studies minor in me is biting at the ankles to share my thoughts, even though I’m sure you’ve already formulated your own opinions on the matter.


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